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Instead of over-promising and under-delivering, we want to shoot straight with you. At Sol Pest Control, we set the right expectations, give you a fair price and we don’t hesitate to say that we are the best pest control Emmett has to offer. Give us a call!

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Spider Control

Emmett has a lot of space for spiders to nest and breed. From Squaw Butte to Freezeout Hill, having protection against black widows, wolf spiders and general house spiders is important as a homeowner. Sol Pest Control only uses the latest products, keeping your family and pets’ safety in mind.

Ant Control

Every Spring we receive calls from frustrated homeowners that see lines of ants coming from every crack and crevice. When it comes to dealing with ants, each species requires a different product, so having expert knowledge is key. Whether you’re dealing with sugar ants, pavement ants, red ants or any other species, you can put your confidence in Sol Pest Control.

Rodent Control

Rodent control is a major issue for fall and winter in Emmett. Rats and mice can transfer diseases, contaminate your food and can cause damage to your home. The last things you want to be dealing with as a homeowner are rats and mice in your home. Sol Pest Control utilizes the best treatment and exclusion methods possible, giving you a guaranteed rodent free home.

General Pest Control

When you’re looking for a high quality, affordable pest control company in Emmett, ID, we aren’t joking when we say we have the best service and customer service. Sol Pest Control’s fantastic Google and Facebook reviews speak for themselves. We are committed to delivering the best pest control service in Emmett!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Safe for My Pets & Kids?

All the products we use are pet and family-friendly, so rest easy. We follow the best industry practices for environmentally responsible pest control.

How Often Do I Need Service?

Every season brings with it different types of bugs and critters. We recommend a bi-monthly  plan to ensure that you have year-round protection from any pests that might try to invade your home. Since most pests are dormant during the winter, we will skip that treatment. Don't worry though, if pests come back, we'll still make sure you're taken care of.

How Do I Prepare for Service?

If you're getting inside treatment, it always helps to have things cleaned up, but don't worry about moving furniture. We will treat the baseboards, under the sinks, anywhere where the plumbing meets the wall, so please have those areas accessible. You don't need to spend hours preparing, this isn't meant to interrupt your day.

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Launee Wolverton
Launee W.
15:48 21 May 20
Brandy Oatney
Brandy O.
14:35 17 May 20
Elizabeth Flesher
Elizabeth F.
19:52 15 May 20
Logan with Sol Pest Control is easy to work with and came to spray my house at the proper time.
Rod Miller
Rod M.
00:06 02 May 20
Sol Pest Control knowledge and personality are very easy to work with. He also ensure i understood what he was going to spray, etc.
Juan Cisneros
Juan C.
18:29 30 Apr 20
C Sullivan
C S.
13:11 30 Apr 20
They were great. He was on time and worked very quickly. He answered all of my questions and was very friendly.
Mz Meeno
Mz M.
20:23 29 Apr 20
Logan provided service to our home day-of meeting him at our neighbor's. He provided great detail for his type of service. His work is thorough.
Kevin Smoot
Kevin S.
17:17 28 Apr 20
Bridget Teeman
Bridget T.
18:11 25 Apr 20
Always great service 🙂
Kathy Bunn
Kathy B.
18:37 20 Apr 20
Thanks Logan! Your team always does an amazing job!
Molly Richardson
Molly R.
23:58 14 Apr 20
Judy Baker
Judy B.
19:24 14 Apr 20
Amanda Roach
Amanda R.
02:08 11 Apr 20
Excellent communication about when he will be at the property.
Kathy Roy
Kathy R.
14:47 10 Apr 20
Gail Harrie
Gail H.
04:35 10 Apr 20
Had the service done today, years after using Sol previously. Always friendly, quick, and great to deal with. Goes above and beyond.
Nick Vanpraag
Nick V.
03:39 10 Apr 20
Megan Vincent
Megan V.
16:14 09 Apr 20
Lindsay Zawadzki
Lindsay Z.
16:10 09 Apr 20
Alysha Henzler
Alysha H.
19:02 05 Apr 20
Jennifer Fries
Jennifer F.
20:10 01 Apr 20
Darla Broadie
Darla B.
04:59 27 Mar 20
Raider girl
Raider G.
22:30 25 Mar 20
Lola Howard-Lee
Lola H.
21:40 25 Mar 20
Nicole Olha
Nicole O.
19:24 25 Mar 20
We have been using Sol Pest for going on 3 years now. We are very impressed with the service.
Marylynn Hippe
Marylynn H.
00:21 25 Mar 20
David Pratt
David P.
19:53 24 Mar 20
Logan does an excellent job and is informative and very professional
Suzanne Lind
Suzanne L.
16:09 13 Mar 20
Jamie Robertson
Jamie R.
21:23 05 Mar 20
chantel reyna
chantel R.
21:38 26 Feb 20
Logan is straight forward and easy to work with. I’ve used him to address a mouse problem under a house I sold, and ants at my current home. He handled each job quickly and knowledgeably. Since he owns the business he takes pride in the quality he provides. I’d highly recommend him.
Sarah Weber
Sarah W.
17:22 25 Feb 20
Sol pest control was awesome very thorough quick answered all my questions very kind and explained everything in depth definitely be using the service continually
Adrianni Timberlake
Adrianni T.
17:15 14 Feb 20
Rich Drury
Rich D.
20:38 11 Nov 19
Logan is prompt, professional, and a delight to work with. Very reasonable pricing for knowledgeable service.
Heather Hodges
Heather H.
00:16 02 Nov 19
He was timely and professional
April Florczyk
April F.
21:43 16 Oct 19
Always friendly and professional.
Christie Morgan
Christie M.
19:48 06 Oct 19
Kerry Salutregui
Kerry S.
16:49 26 Sep 19
Professional and attentive to customer requests.
Rosemarie Reed
Rosemarie R.
23:00 25 Sep 19
Brody Kesler-Mauch
Brody K.
18:51 23 Sep 19
Nice, effective, fast, affordable, good with dogs and babies.
Skye King
Skye K.
21:24 18 Sep 19
Rob Overy
Rob O.
02:29 18 Sep 19
Logan was extremely knowledgeable and professional. I look forward to having low maintenance and reliable pest control through SOL On a continuous basis.
Roxanne Walker
Roxanne W.
00:59 17 Sep 19
Dustin Davey
Dustin D.
00:37 17 Sep 19
Wasp Partners
Wasp P.
23:07 12 Sep 19
Logan is so helpful and courteous.A reliable business person who is willing to problem solve.He was great to help me resolve a large hornet nest!
Ellen Anderson
Ellen A.
14:05 08 Sep 19
I had bugs in my house now I don't, that is what pest control is all about. Thank you and great job Logan!!
Tim Simpson
Tim S.
19:19 05 Sep 19
Sol has been taking care of my office for about 3-4 years. I have an employee that hats bugs and has made it clear the office is bug free. Having an old office we contacted sol pest control and to make a long story short my employee is sticking around.
james buck
james B.
19:16 05 Sep 19
Gail Head
Gail H.
19:05 05 Sep 19
Pat Hogan
Pat H.
23:23 03 Sep 19
Great knowledge and service, very responsive and thorough. Easy and pleasant to work with!
Patricia Teall Vincent
Patricia Teall V.
22:23 03 Sep 19
Logan was on time and did excellent work! He walked me through everything and was great with my dog too! I would highly recommend him.
Kristian Hale
Kristian H.
23:38 29 Aug 19
M Anderson
M A.
17:46 29 Aug 19
Wow, Sol Pest Control did a great job! I had started seeing spiders in my house and yard and decided I needed spider control. Sol came out and did a thorough service de-webbing and spraying around my house. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Sol Pest Control is the best pest control Boise has to offer. Thank you!
Spencer Teuscher
Spencer T.
15:48 29 Aug 19
We had wasps, hornets and spiders. Logan came out promptly and took care of it all. Friendly and efficient service. We will have SOL protect our house from now on.
Tina Adams
Tina A.
21:21 28 Aug 19
Great Company
Dale Pearson
Dale P.
12:44 26 Aug 19
Always responsive, always efficient, always effective! Great Company!
Dale Pearson
Dale P.
00:00 24 Aug 19
My home is always protected. I like the schedule change too.
Henry Clardy
Henry C.
15:13 21 Aug 19
Our experience with Sol Pest Control has been terrific. From the kid, pet and eco-friendly products they use to keep critters at bay, to the team’s friendly and professional disposition, it’s been a joy to work with them for the last four years. Our property is bordered by a creek and wetlands. Because of that, our property usually requires touch-up sprays between quarterly applications, and SPC is always at the ready to assist us. We trust this company and highly recommend them.
Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela
Ryan Antoinette V.
00:58 18 Aug 19
Great and affordable service. We haven’t seen even one bug in our home since he came. Thank you for the peace of mind.
Carissa Herzig
Carissa H.
06:03 15 Aug 19
Amazing service, very personable and friendly technician came out to take care of our pest control needs.
Carson Neves
Carson N.
19:21 12 Aug 19
Logan is awesome! He completely took care of a massive ant invasion in our house last summer. I would highly recommend.
John Shaw
John S.
22:51 05 Aug 19
Logan has been working on my yard for a couple of years now. I recommend him to anyone. He is honest, fair and definitely goes above and beyond his required duties and he's a really nice guy! Would love it if he was able to partner with a weed and feed associate. Would be the best of both worlds. Thanks Logan, you're a rock star!
Bill Manning
Bill M.
17:42 02 Aug 19
Very friendly, fast, and efficient service. Everything they sprayed for is gone.
Dana Boucher
Dana B.
16:42 23 Jul 19
Very friendly and informative. Came in and got the job done 💪🏽
Laken Hemsley
Laken H.
18:44 15 Jul 19
Logan is amazing! Not only did he take a late night phone call but got me scheduled within 2 days of my call! He was professional, knowledgeable and he actually listened to my concerns and addressed them all (not so with many other companies). I love that if I have an issue between his scheduled visits he will come right out!
Amy Mitchell
Amy M.
15:33 14 Jul 19
Sol is great to work with! I called late one evening due to Wolf Spiders in my home. Not only did he call me right back he came out within 2 days! He was great about walking me through his service but did the job perfectly! Sol Pest is great to work with and I love that he said if I had any problems between this treatment and the next to just give him a call and he'd be happy to come back. I live in the foot hills and tend to get tons of spiders and mice under my house and I've been looking for years for someone who would take care of that for me - Sol is the only one who said yes AND then really did take care of the problem!
Amy Mitchell
Amy M.
15:25 14 Jul 19
Kendra Martinez
Kendra M.
14:50 08 Jul 19
Nicole Gough
Nicole G.
00:11 02 Jul 19
Great service! Logan was incredibly professional and pleasant to work with. I appreciate his willingness to fit us in his busy schedule and it was very easy to communicate with him. Thank you!
Hanna Thomas
Hanna T.
23:28 31 May 19
I had my rental property sprayed for ants 2 weeks ago and my home sprayed for everything that crawls last week. I have not seen any bugs in that amount of time. I am hoping it stays this way.
Francie Miller
Francie M.
07:06 03 May 19
Very detailed, quality work! The product lasts the longest compared to every other company I've used in the past. I recommend Sol to everyone!
Heather Mason
Heather M.
17:11 02 May 19
Great job!
stacey perkins
stacey P.
00:52 15 Apr 19
Very punctual and professional.
Lori Cameron
Lori C.
16:25 30 Mar 19
Carole Howard Lee
Carole Howard L.
00:25 13 Mar 19
Logan is fantastic! Such a personable guy with great knowledge. He does a thorough job and takes the time to go over any concerns you have. And it doesn't matter who you are, you'll feel very comfortable having him in your home treating it. And the billing and communication is top notch. So easy to set up and deal with cause he uses the latest technology. 100% recommend this company!
Josiah Bramante
Josiah B.
04:15 26 Jan 19
Patricia Hunt
Patricia H.
01:23 08 Jan 19
Sol Pest Control is a small family business and American owned! They are great to work with and the service is exceptional!
Mo Shamseldin
Mo S.
21:47 06 Dec 18
Always friendly and thorough.
Christie Morgan
Christie M.
22:24 02 Oct 18
Excellent, local pest control company! Very responsive, and thorough!!
Cory C.
Cory C.
18:46 02 Oct 18
Very friendly and I would recommended them to all family and friends
Coley Wiedmeier
Coley W.
03:48 02 Oct 18
I've been using Sol Pest Control for a year now. The service has been perfect and they go above and beyond.
Audra Stout
Audra S.
19:02 25 Sep 18
Always professional, great quality service and our pest management is top notch. I would recommend to anyone
Jared Head
Jared H.
16:54 24 Sep 18
Excellent service! Prompt and extremely effective. We are very pleased with the results.
Dale Pearson
Dale P.
13:28 20 Sep 18
Jessie Lara
Jessie L.
22:24 15 Sep 18
Logan was thorough and professional as always! We had a very bad spider and earwig problem when we first bought our home and tried Sol using a Groupon last year. We were so impressed with their service that we signed up for the quarterly package and have been bug free since. Awesome company with great customer service!
Becky Taylor
Becky T.
03:35 15 Sep 18
I can say Sol Pest Control has been a leader in customer service. Whenever I have needed a repeat spray. They were there the next day. Excellent service.
William Baker
William B.
01:16 15 Sep 18
Brian Liquin
Brian L.
00:23 15 Sep 18
Sammi Jo Van Keuren
Sammi Jo Van K.
23:15 14 Sep 18
Aimee Atkinson
Aimee A.
22:42 14 Sep 18
Very excited to work with Logan, seems professional and courteous. Looking forward to being bug free
Victoria DiMatteo
Victoria D.
22:24 14 Sep 18
He did really good, he was very nice and polite, and He didnt take very long!
Daelle Sorino Glidden
Daelle Sorino G.
17:11 14 Sep 18
Ashley Kuhl
Ashley K.
15:35 14 Sep 18
Sarah Dow
Sarah D.
18:39 12 Sep 18
Very thorough. Uses safe, products that don’t make me worry about my pets and children.
Kathy Roy
Kathy R.
14:48 23 Jul 18
Showed up on time knowledgeable friendly and professional.
00:02 21 Jul 18
Excellent service. Reliable and cost effective.
Sivaquoi Laughlin
Sivaquoi L.
21:07 03 Jan 18
Wonderful experience with Logan!A great local business that can quickly put the competitors on their heels. There is a higher level of service and better quality of service when the tech is also the owner. Very hard working, knowledgable, friendly and effecient. I will be recommend Sol Pest Control and Logan to anyone who has a need of his services.
Randy Bainbridge
Randy B.
00:59 13 Sep 17
Logan is the best in town. Been using Sol for over a year now and when you have even just one bug show up he comes and kills the rest. I'm very grateful to have you Logan as my pest control..thank you!
Dee Casarez
Dee C.
09:52 21 Jul 17
Was very courteous and helpful. Their products really work. Have used them a couple of times now. Will definitely recommend them
pat burton
pat B.
13:39 13 Jul 17
This is the second time we've had him out. Last year we had a nasty wasp problem. After his service it was not a problem again. The service is very thorough and I would recommend Sol as a quality company.
Don Stefani
Don S.
14:42 11 Jul 17
Amazing couldn't ask for better!!!!!!
Alexandra Graves
Alexandra G.
20:12 22 Feb 17
We were able to schedule an appointment immediately. Logan is very knowledgeable and the products used worked great!
Dana Kautz
Dana K.
17:31 30 Dec 16
We were able to schedule an appointment immediately. Logan is very knowledgeable and the products used worked great!
Dana Kautz
Dana K.
17:29 30 Dec 16
We had an out of control ant problem when we moved into our apartment. This company's products worked fast and effectively. He came to retreat without any hassle when we had a small ant outbreak between services. He is very friendly and intelligent with what he is doing!
Jena Pratt
Jena P.
21:21 27 Dec 16
Logan is awesome and friendly! We had ants out of control and he solved the issue very quickly. Also, came back for a retreat without any hassle. His products work like a dream!
Jena Pratt
Jena P.
21:18 27 Dec 16
Just had the service done today. Professional and friendly. Got our appointment in quickly and was very thorough. The service seemed much more complete than the Orkin treatments I have seen my family purchase in the past. He wasn't pushy at all but we signed up for a quarterly plan which is something I never do but couldn't pass up.
Ashley Vanpraag
Ashley V.
16:33 28 Nov 16
Just had the service done today. Professional and friendly. Got our appointment in quickly and was very thorough. The service seemed much more complete than the Orkin treatments I have seen my family purchase in the past. He wasn't pushy at all but we signed up for a quarterly plan which is something I never do but couldn't pass up.
Ashley Vanpraag
Ashley V.
22:29 05 Jul 16

Why Choose US

100% Satisfaction

With our PEST FREE GUARANTEE, if you see bugs between regular services, we will come back FOR FREE! No matter what, Sol Pest Control has your back.


With years of experience and all of the proper licensing, we know what we are doing. Leave it to us to keep your home or business free of pests.

Safety Guarantee

All of the products we use are pet and kid friendly, meaning that we will get rid of your bugs without putting your family at risk. Your safety is important to us!