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Are you worried about that huge nest of yellow jacket wasps in your house and desperately want to get rid of it?

We know that as much as you hate wasps, you also want to keep them out of your home. They are always up for ruining your backyard picnics.

Today, we will learn about wasps and go over some tips to keep them out of your home in Boise.

Types of Wasps

In Boise, there are 4 different species of wasps. It is hard to tell the difference but we can help identify them based on their nest location and their prey.

Here is the difference among the four species:

  •  Western Yellow Jacket Wasps: These are the most common wasp species that have yellow jackets and usually build their nest underground. You would most likely find their nests in abandoned burrows that were made my other animals. These wasps have more yellow covering on their body as compared to the other species and there are black stripes going down the body and a clear black circle, which is separate from the rest of the black stripes
  • Aerial Yellow Jacket Wasps: These are the ones you should really worry about. Aerial yellow jacket wasps are quite large in size and number and they build their nest both underground and on surface. In most cases, if you find an aerial wasp nest on the surface you will most likely find a nest underground nearby. These wasps feed on other insects and they don’t pose any threat to human beings, nor do they bite them unless disturbed. These are the largest wasps of all the four species and have more black than the yellow
  • German Yellow Jacket Wasps: This species is pretty aggressive and you have to be very serious about them if they start building any nests too close to home. German yellow jacket wasps not only buzz and sting but they are hungry for meats and sweets. They are most common during the winter season and are often found in attic spaces, sheds and garages
  • Common Yellow Jacket Wasps: This species also builds its nest underground but they prefer to dig the burrow themselves. Most common places to dig or burrow in loose soil like garden beds or lawns. A good way to identify them is to notice the black stripes on the abdomen which looks like as if there were hook like markings in the middle of each stripe

Tips to Keep Wasps Out of Your Home

Wasps shouldn’t be allowed to build nests or even stay inside your house. They nourish their larvae with insects and even though it may sound like a good idea to get rid of other insects, wasps can also be harmful for humans and pets.

Here are some great tips and genius ways to keep them out of your home:

1: Peppermint Essential Oil

Wasps don’t like peppermint and usually stays away from it. To be honest, they hate almost any type of mint. This makes peppermint essential oil a great remedy to keep them away from your home and family.

A great way is to plant a peppermint plant in your garden to keep the wasps away, you can also apply a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a cotton pad and then place that pad randomly around the house and outside as well.

Try to spot those locations where wasps are very common like your backyard, attic, basement etc. Also place the cotton pads in the places where there was a wasp nest previously.

2: Using Wasp Repelling Essential Oil Blend

Wasp repellant essential oil blend contains a blend of lemongrass, clove and geranium essential oils. It works great to keep the wasps out of your property.

You can use the same method as with peppermint oil or even fill up a spray bottle with water, add several drops of wasp repelling essential oil it. Also squirt in some dish soap. Mix it well and spray the solution throughout the house and in hidden places where wasps are common.

You can also coat the outside of the house with some of the solution inside the spray bottle.

3: Plain Soap & Water

Something as simple as plain soap and water can do wonders to keep the annoying buzzing wasps away from your home. This is an eco-friendly solution that can tackle the small hanging nests easily.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Take a spray bottle and fill it with water
  • Add 2-4 tablespoons of dish soap in it and mix it up
  • Spray the solution on the nest and other places throughout house

In most of the cases wasps die almost instantly because soap clogs the breathing pores of wasps. Make sure that you have a protective clothing on or you are spraying from a safe distance so that you can make a quick get away if need be.

4: Prevention is The Key

Instead of killing them, why not prevent them in the first place? Do a quick inspection of your house and find where there are tiny cracks. Look around the edges of the siding, window screens and even the ceiling. Seal these tiny cracks.

Do this in late fall as the worker wasps have usually died off by this time.

Moreover, seal your waste bins. The reason wasps are often found buzzing in the yards are those garbage bins. They are usually hunting for food and garbage bins are a great place to have a feast.

Even if you have tried everything and you still need wasp control, it is time to call Sol Pest control.